Snow Can’t Keep Us Down!

Philadelphia has been hit with one snow storm after another for the past few weeks, which makes for perfect knitting weather! Unfortunately, due to the storms, we’ve been unable to hand-deliver our hats, and our first batch has simmered long enough – they’re ready to be worn! With that said, we’ll be shipping a dozen or so hats directly to our contact at CHOP this weekend!

In other parts of the country where knitters are also submerged beneath layers of frozen snow, care caps are being created in an effort to spread some cheer and positivity to the young ones. Boston designer, Ann Weaver, is one of them. Ann sent us two of her original hats with much love and creativity.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ann in November 2010 at her trunk show at a local yarn store. She was also promoting her new self-published, self-distributed book, Craft Work Knit. Hop on over to Ann’s blog, WeaverKnits, where she shares her life and her knitting.

Also, check out her web site where you’ll find a ton of her fabulous patterns. Thanks, Ann! You’re a gem.

On another note, my friend Soozee wants to make a care cap so that she, too, can be part of something great. However, Soozee is unsure of her ability to knit a hat. If any of you reading this feel like Soozee, please know that we happily accept donations from all levels of crafters! Furthermore, what you may see as a mistake, someone else may see as creative and unusual (in a good way, of course!). Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are undecided – we love to hear from you and cheer you on along the way!


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